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Using a Gestational Carrier: What You Need to Know

A gestational carrier is a woman that carries a pregnancy on behalf of an individual or a couple. IVF technology allows the gestational carrier to become pregnant when the embryo of the intended parents is transferred into the carrier’s uterus. The embryo is created by using eggs, either from the intended mother or donor eggs, that are fertilized with sperm, either from the intended father or donor sperm. The surrogate’s eggs are not used in this process, so the surrogate is not related to the child.

Who needs Surrogacy?

Under any of these circumstances, a surrogacy arrangement may be considered:

  • A woman is unable to conceive or carry out pregnancy because she has had a hysterectomy or is missing a portion of her uterus, ovaries, or other genital tract
  • A woman has a medical problem that makes pregnancy risky
  • A same-sex male pair who wishes to conceive a kid using one of the partners’ sperm
  • A single man who aspires to conceive a child with the use of his sperm.

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We understand that you are likely experiencing a variety of emotions regarding starting a family with the help of a fertility specialist. The first information we impart to new patients is that infertility is common and there can actually be several reasons for infertility in a person or a couple. This is why we start with a full workup, so we have a complete picture with which we can base our treatment plans.

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