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Beverly Hills Fertility upholds the concept of working hand in hand with selfless hearts who are willing to extend the gift of life to hopeful parents through sperm and egg donation.

Egg & Sperm Donation at BHF

BHF provides egg and sperm donation treatment if you are unable to conceive using your own eggs or sperm.

With our clinic’s wide range of partnership and global connections, we can guarantee you to successfully identify a donor for you, as well as advise you and give practical aid in finding a perfectly suitable donor. Depending on your preference, we are also open to consider a friend or family member, as long as they fall to the essential requisites.

Celebrating the gift of life from theirs to yours
It takes a whole village to raise a child, so does making miracles happen.

Beverly Hills Fertility believes that creating life and building families are not confined to the boundaries of couples. Third party reproduction is a long-celebrated alternative of creating happy families, with all the freedom and safety to choose your future. BHF always aims to innovate, and offer you the best options to kickstart your parenthood journey

Getting deeper with egg donation

Countless struggling individuals have been able to conceive through the process of egg donation. With egg donation, the intended parents will have a genetic link to the child only if they contribute the sperm used to fertilize the egg. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is required for egg donation since the eggs are retrieved from one woman, fertilized in the laboratory, and the resultant embryo is transported to the recipient’s uterus.

Who needs egg donation?

The majority of patients who require donor eggs are women experiencing age-related fertility challenges. Some younger women experience early loss of ovarian function, either due to surgery, chemotherapy, or premature menopause. The egg donation process is also required as part of fertility procedures for same-sex male couples or single males. Finally, certain uncommon genetic disorders may also necessitate the use of egg donation.

How does Egg Donation work?

Egg donation is a process whereby a young, healthy woman undergoes an IVF cycle to have eggs retrieved for the use of another person (“intended parent”). The egg is fertilized and the resulting embryo can be transferred into the uterus of the intended mother. Though the DNA of the baby is technically that of the donor, studies show that parents who build their families in this way are grateful and relieved to have this option available to them, bond normally with their babies, and do not regret using a donor.

Following the first consultation, both the receiver and the donor are counseled to work through the legal, social, genetic, and moral ramifications of the donation.

The donor then goes through an IVF cycle process so that her eggs may be harvested in a single-day surgical procedure under mild general anesthesia. These eggs are then fertilized, and one or two are transferred as embryos to the recipient.

Below is an outlined procedure of the egg donation process at BHF:

  • The first step is to select a qualified egg donor. This might be a recognized person or an anonymous donor to the intended parent(s).
  • The donor is administered with medicine to stimulate her ovaries into producing numerous eggs, which are then gathered.
  • In the laboratory, sperm from either the recipient’s male spouse or a sperm donor is utilized to fertilize these eggs.
  • An embryo (fertilized egg) is obtained and transferred to the uterus (womb) of the intended carrier, where pregnancy is presumably established. Depending on the circumstances, the intended receiver may be the intended parent or another woman (gestational carrier).

Egg donor options

A relative, friend, or someone in your life. It is important to consider all angles of this special relationship, especially if they are someone with an active presence in your life.

Donor from an agency. You may choose from a large selection of women that have donated or are willing to donate their eggs. In most cases, this donor will remain anonymous.

Our trusted team will expound the detailed process of the cycle in accordance to your needs upon consultation.

About sperm donation

Sperm donation provides a good solution to a challenging problem: when a person or couple wishes to have a baby but lacks the necessary healthy sperm source, a male donor with viable sperm can help. For more than a century, doctors have used sperm donation for artificial insemination.

A sperm donor can either be someone in your life or an anonymous donor from an agency.
All sperm donors and egg donors are required to undergo medical and psychological evaluations, and a comprehensive legal agreement between the donor and the intended parents is required.

Who needs sperm donation?

When the male partner’s sperm count is low or his sperm is of poor quality, they require another guy to provide sperm that will fertilize with the female partner’s egg to generate an embryo. Donated sperm is accepted by couples who are unable to obtain sperm naturally or through a medical treatment from a guy. Egg donation process is also required as part of fertility procedures for same-sex female couples or single women. Finally, certain uncommon genetic disorders may necessitate the use of sperm donation.

Sperm donation process at BHF

Patients who would like to engage a sperm donor can do so by purchasing sperm from an anonymous donor at a sperm bank or by asking a friend or family to give.

All couples or individuals who use a sperm donor at BHF will meet with our psychologist to discuss any questions or concerns they have regarding the procedure. Raising a child created using donor gametes (eggs or sperm) has some unique obstacles, and it is critical to examine these issues and address any concerns or questions before beginning fertility treatments.

Below is an outlined procedure of the egg donation process at BHF:

  1. The first step is to select a qualified sperm donor. This might be a recognized person or an anonymous donor to the intended parent(s).
  2. The donor is administered with medicine or supplements to stimulate into producing enough sperm count.
  3. In the laboratory, sperm from either the recipient’s male spouse or a sperm donor is gathered.
  4. Once retrieved, the eggs will be combined with the donated sperm and any resulting embryos will be transferred back to the uterus for implantation.
  5. For women undergoing IUI, the sperm is inserted directly into the uterus around the time of ovulation to enhance fertilization of the egg.

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At BHF, we deal with hundreds of the most difficult cases of infertility each year, making us uniquely qualified to assist you in realizing your aspirations, regardless of your diagnosis. We are focused to investing in new innovative technology and scientific procedures that lead to better outcomes and the fastest path to a healthy baby for families. All of this gives you the success that you deserve.

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