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In life, there are setbacks we did not foresee and anticipate. Such unfortunate times bring us so much pain. Through innovative science, the pain can be lessened, chances of them happening become slimmer, and success rates can be achieved. Genetic screening at Beverly Hills Fertility lets you weigh in on pregnancy success rates and chances. We help you decide to make your parenthood journey worthy by aiding you in every step you meet.

Your best decision at BHF is genetic screening
Beverly Hills Fertility promotes genetic screening when planning a pregnancy and provides genetic testing for over 100 disorders and syndromes. Genetic screening allows you to evaluate your genetic history for recessive genes that may impact your future children. You may now prevent passing on mutations that can impair your child, thanks to new technology and treatments offered by BHF.

Pre-Pregnancy Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

Genetic screening is a popular method used to detect genetic problems in both parents and embryos before implantation in the uterus of a mother. In vitro fertilization frequently includes genetic screening (IVF). If you intend to have IVF soon, the fertility doctors at Beverly Hills Fertility can perform genetic screening on you or your embryos once they are a few days old. This simple test can detect genetic disorders and determine the gender of the embryo.

Who needs Genetic Testing?

There are DNA tests available to assist a couple in determining if they are carriers of the same recessive illness trait and are at risk of having offspring with that recessive condition. Specific illnesses are more common among certain ethnic groups. We provide enhanced carrier screening at the Johns Hopkins Fertility Center, which screens for more than 170 genetic disorders that are inherited in a recessive manner. The illnesses assessed are either life-threatening or might leave a kid with substantial, life-long health issues. Although it is not required, we strongly advise all of our patients to undergo extended carrier screening.

Two kinds of Genetic Screening at BHF

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is frequently performed when one or both parents have a gene mutation that can lead to sickness or a significant health problem. The test evaluates if the embryo will also possess the genetic markers for that disorder.

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS)

PGS is the process of examining an embryo for chromosomal abnormalities. Many embryos with chromosomal abnormalities will either fail to develop into a pregnancy or end in a miscarriage

It may take many weeks to complete genetic screening. The following are considered the fundamental phases in genetic screening:

  • In our laboratory, an egg is fertilized.
  • At roughly five days following conception, several cells are micro surgically extracted from the embryo.
  • The embryos have been frozen in a safe manner.
  • We conduct genetic screening to look for potentially harmful genes.
  • Embryos that have no genetic abnormalities can then be implanted in the uterus. If parents so desire, they will also be able to pick the gender of their kid

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At BHF, we deal with hundreds of the most difficult cases of infertility each year, making us uniquely qualified to assist you in realizing your aspirations, regardless of your diagnosis. We are focused to investing in new innovative technology and scientific procedures that lead to better outcomes and the fastest path to a healthy baby for families. All of this gives you the success that you deserve.

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