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If you’re thinking of seeking a little help to build a family and considering surrogacy options, or if you foresee yourself as a surrogate mother, you’ve come to the right place!

Starting a Family

Creating and bearing life, together.

Beverly Hills Fertility believes that it takes a whole village to create and bear life, hence the conviction and passion in creating success stories of hopeful clients turned donors and/or happy parents.

Using a Surrogate Mother: What You Need to Know

Surrogacy is an arrangement, subject to the legal laws distinctly followed state by state, in which a woman bears and delivers a child for another couple or individual. The individual who is carrying the pregnancy is known as the birth parent or surrogate, and the people for whom the child is intended are known as the intended parents.

Science, Care, and Surrogacy at BHF
If you are thinking about choosing a surrogate for fertility treatment, this information page will walk you through the procedure in an overview. Beverly Hills Fertility aims to give you personalized care and support as you embark on your surrogacy adventure.

Who needs Surrogacy?

Under any of these circumstances, a surrogacy arrangement may be considered:

  • A woman is unable to conceive or carry out pregnancy because she has had a hysterectomy or is missing a portion of her uterus, ovaries, or other genital tract.
  • A woman has a medical problem that makes pregnancy risky
  • A same-sex male pair who wishes to conceive a kid using one of the partners’ sperm.
  • A single man who aspires to conceive a child with the use of his sperm.
  • A lady who expired with stored embryos in her freezer, and her male companion wants to use the embryos to produce a child.

Two kinds of Surrogacy at BHF

Traditional surrogacy

The father’s sperm is used to artificially inseminate the surrogate woman. They will then carry and deliver the kid for you and your spouse to raise.

The biological mother of the baby is the surrogate woman. This is related to the reasons that the father’s sperm fertilized “her” egg. Donor sperm is also an option.

Gestational surrogacy

In vitro fertilization (IVF) currently allows for the collection of eggs from the mother, fertilization with sperm from the father (or a sperm donor), and placement of the embryo into the uterus of a gestational surrogate.

The baby is then carried by the surrogate until delivery. Because the surrogate woman’s egg was not used, they have no genetic ties to the child.

We all have one aim in mind: to support you in creating a healthy, happy family, and we all enjoy getting baby pictures at the end of the process!

The surrogacy path may appear to be a long one, but our clinic’s support staff are ready to help you every step of the way.

Let’s create families, together.

Nothing compares to the joy of welcoming a child into the world. Both Surrogacy and Egg Freezing are processes that undeniably extend hope and optimism about parenthood. The joy that our hopeful-clients-turned-parents’ experience is so unique that many of them return to BHF for their second and third treatments!

With our wide range of fertility treatment services, you get comprehensive planning, counseling, and support. Our professional team and program coordinators will help and guide you at every stage of your fertility journey, from the fertility process to pregnancy, birth, and post-delivery, all for the most awaited baby’s cry that we aim for at the delivery room.

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We understand that you are likely experiencing a variety of emotions regarding starting a family with the help of a fertility specialist. The first information we impart to new patients is that infertility is common and there can actually be several reasons for infertility in a person or a couple. This is why we start with a full workup, so we have a complete picture with which we can base our treatment plans.

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We do this every day, and we do it well.

By understanding you and your goals for starting a family, we can provide truly individualized care. We aim to guide you through the process so you can make informed decisions and feel confident throughout your treatment process.

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